Monday, September 07, 2009

Brooks Cascadia 4

I wanted to be just like Nick, so I bought a pair of Brooks Cascadia 4 shoes. :) He talked 'em up real good on his last run, and I know for a fact that Brooks makes a damn good shoe. I have +500 miles on my Cascadia 3's and I still where them on runs from time to time.

I actually went to FrontRunner last Friday and planned to purchase a pair of Vibram Five Finger shoes. However, they didn't have any of the new models in my size and I didn't like the way that the old models fit my foot. They had a stiff back on them and everytime I bent my foot, I felt it pressing against my Achilles. Therefore, I explored some other shoes and settled on the Cascadia 4's. I haven't yet ran in them, but hope to do so tomorrow. As soon as I put them on, they fit my feet perfectly. If they are anything like my Cascadia 3's, I'll have them for years and put hundreds of miles on them.

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Mark Carroll said...

Good for you! I'm going to get a pair too.