Saturday, August 30, 2008

Brooks Cascadia 3

It's crazy to think that I've ran over 550 miles since March. My New Balance 908's have become Old Balance (as Lizzie says) and they... kinda... stink up the house these days. Everybody in the family has gotten new shoes for the new school year, and Jennifer informed me that it was my turn. Today I got paid and it was my personal little splurge day.

I met a friend for a coffee today at Cosi and after wards I went to FrontRunner with a goal in mind. I was on the hunt for another pair of 908's. However, I didn't want to go in there completely narrow minded and insane. So, at the door, I stopped and told myself to approach this like a casual person. I mean, how normal does this sound:

Walk in, point to my torn up / green fumed trail shoes, and loudly say "Yeah, I want these, only newer!"

Yeah, too weird... So when the lady asked me if I needed help, I "casually" told her that I was looking for some new trail shoes because mine were gross. Before we got too far into the hunt, I explained that I have a wide foot and natural pronation, and I'm currently using the 908's. She suggested a few shoes to me, but stated that the 908 is probably my best bet. She went in the back and brought out 5 different shoes for me to try on. NorthFace, Asic's, Merrels, Brooks, and the 908's. After a few lacing sessions and quick 20m sprints back forth along the wall, I wiped the sweat from my brow and settled with the... (wait for it and don't look at the title)

Brooks Cascadia 3 trail shoes:

This was the first shoe that I tried on and ended up never taking it off. I tried all of the other models on my right foot while keeping this shoe on my left foot the entire time. Even when I got to the 908's, I realized that the Cascadia's felt more comfortable... Sold!

Oh yeah, Rob, I finally got those RaceReady shorts! :) Jennifer had a good laugh because they are a little high up on the thigh for my style. However, the mesh pockets kept me occupied while she tried to catch her breath. These shorts will help me finally expose my ridiculously white thighs to the world. :)


Jamie Anderson said...

A lot of my friends swear by those shoes. I wish they fit me, otherwise I'd be wearing them. Congrats on finding a good match!

Unknown said...

I've had so many mis-fittings with Cascadia's of the past.
It's good to hear you like them. Let me know how the fair later on.

I swear by my Montrail Hardrocks.
Although they were the reason for my very first blister in all of my days of running.
I also have the Race Ready shorts. I do feel a little naked in them though. My wife laughed too when I first tried them on.

Running 2 Mohican said...


The race ready shorts are great. They also make a longer fit for those that have a thigh problem. LOL

Don: said...

I wear the long race ready shorts.
They cover the thighs and prevent my cross country runners from laughing so hard.
Friday I will stop by Vertical Runner to buy a new pair of trail shoes.
My run Sunday told me it was time.

Anonymous said...

I hae been wearing the Cascadia since generation 1 and it is hands down my favorite shoe ever. They just keep getting better and I can't wait to get the Cascadia 4.