Friday, August 08, 2008


A few weeks back, a good friend and ex-coworker recommended me through his LinkedIn account. When I got the recommendation notification, it really threw me off guard and surprised me. It left me with a good feeling and had a very positive impact on my ego. :) I thanked him big time, then vowed to myself that I would return the favor. His recommendation was a result of Jeff Blankenburg's introduction to Contribupendence Day. Phil's recommendation was a very pleasant surprise and I plan to celebrate Contribupendence Day next year (ie. July 3rd) . :)

Last night I was sitting around watching my girls dance to the KidzClub channel while catching up on my blog roll, when I remembered his act of kindness. I then thought of what I wanted to write and created a recommendation for Phil. I really would recommend this guy to anybody, and hope that these LinkedIn recommendations are taken seriously. I then decided to continue down my contact list and recommend others that I truly felt were recommendation-worthy. I still have many others that I want to recommend through LinkedIn, but I just ran out of time last night. If you are connected to me on LinkedIn and haven't been recommended by me, then I either didn't get to you yet, or don't know you well enough.

Admittedly, I was a bit hesitant to sign up and use LinkedIn, but have really found it to be a great networking tool for professional people. It has kept me in contact with many people that I know across the world and/or have done business with at some point. I'm not a FaceBook guy or a MySpace guy for no good reason. However, LinkedIn has really opened my eyes to the benefits of social networking sites. If are using LinkedIn, you should surprise somebody that you respect with a good vibe and recommend them for no good reason. It helped brighten my day and let me see how others feel about me.

Thanks Phil! Thanks Kim!

For the record: No, this post is not a subtle hint for you to recommend me... unless you want to of course. :)

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