Monday, December 14, 2009

Motorized barstool sells for $1,125 on eBay

Finally, an end to the bar stool saga: Motorized barstool sells for $1,125 on eBay

Vonn "Skeeter" Watson stands by one of the
motorized barstools he built. The motorized barstool
that launched Newark into national headlines
sold on eBay Sunday evening for $1,125
- Eric George

I remember seeing this on the national news a few months ago, shortly after my old boss sent me a link to it. He always thought I was from a hill-jack town and this story sealed the deal for him (I'm sure). Anyway, I forgot all about it and it was rather funny to see the image of the guy with his creation smiling in front of a 'Skeeters' sign on my Google News feed this morning. :)

Enjoy Issam...

Thursday, December 10, 2009

The Meaning of Kay

Jennifer and I were putting our girls to bed tonight and the house always get goofy around this time of night. It's always fun to just let the girls say and do crazy things before going to sleep. I've had Lizzie jump on my back while I was kissing Jazzy goodnight before, and they always seem to try and trick us by making us guess what side of the bed their head is on. Of course, they think it's hilarious when we try to kiss their feet.

Anyway, tonight as we were having a goofy conversation with Jazzy, and we were telling her how we came up with her full name. At one point, Jennifer said: "Do you know how you got your middle name?"

Jazzy just laughed and said: "Because, every kiss begins with Kay!" :)

Maybe our kids watch too much TV?

Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Coffee Fail

Jen and I use those big jugs of water for our drinking water, because our well water is... how you say?... not so good.

This morning we had just enough for one more pot of coffee (maybe two). I was so excited to have fresh coffee this morning that I cleaned out the coffee pot, filled it with the last bit of water and poured into the trusty Bunn. I closed the lid and waited patiently for 3 full minutes as my masterpiece was filling in the glass pot... Oddly, it looked like lightweight tea and had very little aroma to it.

I forgot the key ingredient: The Coffee.

Luckily I had enough water for one more pot. It's brewing now...

Trees for a Change

A friend sent me a cool gift idea. Her friend started a company to replenish the number of trees that have been devastated by wildfires. Here is a link if you can't think of that special gift for your loved one:

  • Trees for a Change gift trees are planted in U.S. National Forests to replace trees destroyed by wildfire, disease or insects.
  • Since 2004, the U.S. has seen an extreme number of wildfires, leaving record numbers of acres devastated.
  • The Forest Service has recently identified over one million acres of National Forest land that is in desperate need of reforestation.
  • Our trees are planted and cared for by Forest Service tree experts who specialize in reforestation. They choose which National Forests can benefit the most from our program.
  • Planting only tree species that are native to the surrounding area optimizes growing conditions and ensures that each tree has a healthy beginning.
  • Your tree gift will grow to restore habitat and food for wildlife, provide clean air, prevent soil erosion and add beauty to our National Forests for many future generations.
  • Trees are the earth's longest-living organisms. The average tree in one year is able to absorb ten pounds of pollutants from the air and convert 330 pounds of carbon dioxide into oxygen.
  • Trees for a Change Tree Gifts are a wonderful and generous way to celebrate or memorialize someone special. A tree planted right now will benefit all the inhabitants of our planet for years and years to come. One Tree Gift really can change the world!
I could definitely see the value in this and would LOVE IT if you got me one. :)

Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Newark Bully Hits Girl for Not Listening to ICP

Some girl gets punched in the face because she doesn't like ICP. I think the video speaks for itself:

All of the kids in this video need to be dealt with. Not just the kid that hit the girl.