Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Chubb Insurance Lawyer

Why are lawyers so mean to the opposing party? They hear one side of the story, and don't even try to understand the other side. Is it money? What ever happened to Morals? Values? Ethics? Manners? It's amazing how (a very little bit of) money can make a person so cruel. Why can't things be settled in a civil manner anymore? At least WAIT until things need to be escalated before turning into a complete @$$#*!!. I'm not a fan of law because in all of my experiences it's been nothing but crap in my life. Sorry if anybody is offended by this, honestly. However, it's proven itself over and over for me and I'm sick of it.

If you are in the law system, just be nice and try to see both sides before attacking! Just because your client is paying you a lot of money to represent them doesn't mean you have to lose respect for the other party and insult them for no reason. You couldn't pay me enough money to be as rude as this guy was.

My wife hurt her foot a few months ago (very badly) in a shopping store. The insurance company has put her case on hold for way too long, so she called to finally get it resolved. The lawyer called her back and insulted her to no extent, thinking she is out to get rich off of this. She's not! She just wants to resolve it and move on with her life. The guy offered her an INSULTING amount of money to get it resolved, and did so in a very rude manner. Not only that, but he insulted the way that she lives her life as a stay at home Mom. He treated her with zero respect and doesn't know a damn thing about her or who she is. Mind you, she's the victim in this case, and should be treated as such. Instead, he treated her like the villain and it's made me even more upset with our law system than ever before.

If I had the guys name, I'd consider posting it and put some choice words along side it, but I don't and I won't. Maybe I'm just better than him, I don't know... Just don't insult good people, and namely my wife! Next time, try talking to me and we'll do just that... talk. Not scream. Not insult. Not be-little or accuse. Just talk. Get a life Chubb Insurance Lawyer dude. You ruined my day, and made my wife cry. I hope you're getting paid a lot of money to be an asshole, because to me it sounds like you live a very sad life... It's good manners to be nice to people you've never met. From now on, you are my #1 example for everything that's wrong with our law system and insurance...


Tim Hibbard said...

Sounds like a crappy situation. Hope you get everything resolved!

Anonymous said...

It must be a pre requisite for Chubb lawyers as there rep in Australia, VardenagaRoberts Lawyers are disrespectful and cruel.there tactics are beyond belief. Best of luck all that tackle these imbociles.