Sunday, April 14, 2013

Germany 2013 - Day 1

Today was my birthday! I'm officially 35 years young. Yay me. My day was spent "travelling", by this I mean I was in cabs, shuttles, planes, and airports. I didn't see anybody I knew or talk to anybody all day. It was a very "isolated" birthday, but I had a good time in my own little world. :) It was one I'll never forget, that's for sure... I stayed in good spirits all day and had a good time considering all the problems of my flight details.

I arrived at Dulles International Airport around 8:30 am after a $22 egg breakfast @ Landsdown. From Dulles, I had to take a 45 cab ride to Reagan National Airport to get on a flight to Newark, NJ. I had a 4 hour layover in Newark, so I read a few chapters in a great book called Crucial Conversations while hogging a power outlet for a couple of hours to let my electronics charge.

The good thing about my flight from Newark, NJ was that it was a direct flight into Dusseldorf, so no more layovers after this one. The flight was about 6.5 hours and I was able to watch a few movies and catch a quick cat nap before landing @ 6 am German time.

Here is a picture from my birthday party last year in Larissa, Greece since I don't have any pictures from the party that Jennifer had for me last Thursday.

Let the record show that Jennifer (ie. the best wife ever) and the girls (ie. the best kids ever) surprised me with an iPad for my birthday this year. I missed spending my actual birthday with them again this, but they were in my thoughts all day! Again, this was a birthday for the books. :)

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