Friday, April 19, 2013

Germany 2013 - Day 6

Today was a pretty relaxing day for the most part. It started off by me sleeping in again; I woke up around 10:15 am to a quiet flat. Volli was in his office working on his computer so I just leisurely ate some banana's for breakfast and drank some coffee. Here is a picture of my girls that Jennifer took and sent to me which made my day. :)

Grill cheese and tomato soup... Mmm
Around 11, Volli and Stefanie's friend, Eva, showed up to try and borrow a router from them since her's broke. As it turned out, her and I ended up sitting around talking for a while while Volli finished up a few things for work. She was very nice and we had a great conversation about everything from music to travel to you [name it]... She gave me a few tips on things to do in Dusseldorf and we agreed to try and get together for a beer sometime next week.

After Eva left, Volli and I decided we were going on a journey to tour south-west Berlin on bicycles! It was the coolest thing ever! We got to cross the chaotic streets of Berlin, dodge pedestrians, ride down the peaceful bike paths along the metro line, and weave our way through the public parks. My bike looked like Ms. Gulch's bike on Wizard of Oz.

I'll get you, my pretty... and you're little dog too!

Volli and I enjoying some beers.
At the half way point, Volli and I stopped for some beers in a very tranquil "Bier Garten". We sat around for about 30 - 45 minutes just shooting the breeze and enjoying the day. After our beers, we hopped on our bikes and headed back towards the house. We took a different route and it allowed me to see a few different aspects of Berlin.

I really enjoyed the city bike ride today. It'll be something that I'll never forget. I felt like a true European as I dodged pedestrians and weaved through moving cars on the busy streets. :) Thanks for a great time, Volli!

When we arrived back at the house, we waited on Stefanie to come home before getting ready for dinner. Eventually we got a phone call and it was Stefanie outside of the apartment and we all ran to the window in a lot of excitement, she had purchased a new bike trailer for the kids and the kids seemed very excited about it... However, I think they might have been more excited to see Mama out of the window. :) Regardless, it was cute and I snapped a picture of Stefanie which needed a small blurb, so there! Shortly thereafter, Volli and Stefanie prepared dinner, while I got to hang out with my new little friend, Margarethe. We took turns making each other laugh and it was so much fun. She is a perfect mix of Volli and Stefanie and her dimples are too cute.

My cute little friend, Margarethe.
Eva joined us for dinner and we sat around telling stories the whole time. Towards the end of dinner, we got a call from Dariush and he was only 30 minutes away. He would be hanging out with us this evening and then we'd be driving home through the night, back to Koln. While killing time, Volli and I were on a mission to finish our bottle of Johnnie Walker, so we did just that. It took a lot of hard work and dedication, but we roughed it. We proved to all the kids that if you really put your minds (and livers) to it, you can accomplish your goals. :)

Mission accomplished!

Left to Right: Stefanie, Volli, Eva, Dariush

Since Dariush, Volli, and I were all together, we decided to call my Mom and talk with her. We tried to get Yiorgos and Jennifer on the phone as well, but I wasn't able to do a group Skype video chat with my iPad for some reason. We didn't try to hard because my Mom was having technical difficulties as well, but we were able to talk with her for about 20 minutes before our call was eventually dropped.

After talking with my Mom, we called Jennifer and the girls and were able to talk with them for a while as well. Around 11:30, Dariush and I gathered our things and made our way back to Koln by car. This was going to be a 6 hour car ride through the night...

Thank you so much Volli and Stefanie for a wonderful stay at your place! I can't wait to repay you when you visit Ohio!

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