Saturday, April 20, 2013

Germany 2013 - Day 7

... Dariush and I began our drive from Berlin to Koln around midnight on Friday night. We essentially drove from the east side of Germany to the west side of Germany in one night. Our legs were cramped, our eye lids were heavy, and we arrived completely exhausted. During the trip, I was able to nod in and out of sleep, but really tried to stay awake to help Dariush along the way. We stopped a few times during the night so that Dariush could take 30 minute power naps at various rest areas. We realized upon arriving in Koln that it might have been best for me to have simply taken a train or a bus instead. Regardless, it was another adventure that Dariush and I get to add to our never ending list of adventures together. :)

We arrived safely at 7:30 am and went our separate ways to crash for a few hours before we were on "kid duty" today...

When I woke up 10:30 am, I walked out of my door was presented with a huge hug from my good friend, Nouchine. She saw me open the door and ran from across the room to wrapped her arms around my leg. My heart absolultely melted in the moment... She immediately looked up at me and counted to 5 in English: "ONE TWO THREE FOUR FIVE!". I counted to 5 right back at her in German: "EIN ZWEI DREI VIER FUMF!" :) This was the only thing that her and I were able to communicate with each other the last time we saw one another. What a way to begin my day here at Dariush and Rita's house... It truly made my day!

The Ghobad's then presented me with my birthday party since I wasn't able to be here on my actual birthday, last weekend like we'd planed (remember: flight problems). It was a very small party, but absolutely perfect! Rita made me coffee and eggs, and I had a large variety of hams, brochen, and my favorite: the chocolate croissant (ie. "pain au chocolat"). Mmm mmm mmm... All of this thrown together with some of my favorite people made for an amazing birthday breakfast. Thanks guys, this really meant a lot to me!!

After breakfast, Dariush and I took Jonathan and Nouchine to the park to play for a bit, and then made our way to the ice cream shop for ice cream in the sun. Dariush had to go to the bank for a few minutes, so I was in charge of taking the kids to the ice cream place and ordering for them. Of course, I don't speak German, and they don't speak English, so I ordered a vanilla on a cone for Nouchine, and a vanilla in a cup for Jonathan... I could not understand why Jonathan was so mad. He wouldn't eat his ice cream and kept mumbling something in German with a horrible pouty face. Finally, Dariush arrived and I explained to him what was going on. Jonathan talked to Dariush and it turns out that he wanted "red ice cream". So Dariush ate his vanilla in a dish and ordered Jonathan some strawberry ice cream; all was right with the world again. :)

Jonathan enjoying his red ice cream.
Dariush cooking a sausage
the German way.
Upon returning back to the house, we all laid down for a short nap. Dariush and I were still completely exhausted from our travels all night. We only slept for about an hour and a half and then we woke up to prepare for a dinner date with some friends here at the house. Rita prepared food in the kitchen, while I hung out with Jonathan and Nouchine. Dariush was in charge of the grill and it was a very relaxing evening with friends.

The night ended with Nouchine and I playing with her trains in the entry foyer. Jonathan had already went to bed, and Rita and Dariush were picking up the house from the evenings party. The entire time, Nouchine was speaking German to me as though I could understand her... This was the perfect ending to a perfect day.

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