Monday, April 15, 2013

Germany 2013 - Day 2

When I arrived in Dusseldorf, I found that my baggage didn't make it on this flight. Oddly enough, I tried everything I knew to try in Newark, NJ to ensure that my baggage made it on the flight; especially knowing that there was a snafu with my connecting flights. United Airlines assured me that it would be here and even confirmed it on their computer, but I had my doubts... I was right. :)

This meant that I will be spending the next week living off of the clothes and toiletries that I had in my carry on luggage. Jennifer saved me on this one because she made sure that I packed a variety of clothes "just in case" this happened. Thanks babe!

Dariush picked me up around 9 am and we began our journey to Lubeck to see his family. The drive was about 4.5 hours from Dusseldorf and we had a great time together. It was unfortunate that I didn't get to see Rita, Nouchine, and Jonathan, but the plan is for me to spend the day with them on Saturday. They had a small birthday party planned for me yesterday (ie. Sunday), but due to my flight problems I wasn't able to attend. Knowing the Ghobads, I'm sure they still had the party without me. :) Thank you so much for the thought guys! It means a lot to me!

For the first 3 hours of the drive up to Lubeck, I was able to keep conversation with Dariush, but after we stopped for pancakes, I found myself slipping in and out of sleep while he drove. We arrived in Lubeck around 2:30 pm and I went directly upstairs for a long over due "power nap".

Dariush woke me around 4:15 and we walked around Lubeck for a "pre tour" of his hometown. It is a very old city with lots of natural beauty built into it's historical structures. After our walk, we arrived back at his house for a wonderful dinner prepared by his mother. It was an Iranian dish with eggs, tomato sauce, rice, chicken, and egg plant. It was absolutely delicious; I had a large second helping.

After dinner, we all sat around and enjoyed each others company for a few hours. I shared pictures of the girls with Ursula (Dariush's mother) and Christina (close family friend). They told me many stories and I learned a lot about Dariush's past and up-bringing that I'd never knew before. I had a great time today, and I'll remember the details of my short evening here for many years.


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