Friday, May 04, 2012

Dusseldorf, Germany - Day 26

Today was yet another great day. This will be my last full day in Germany.

I woke up around 8am and met Bob at the table for work shortly thereafter. The idea was to cram in a few features while I was still here in Germany. I was actually pretty amped to knockout some final features before wrapping up for the week.

The InfoPlanIT Meeting Table

As it turns out, we didn't do much work at all. Bob and I just sat around and geeked out on other (non-work related) stuff most of the morning. He was showing me some cool stuff with virtualization and networking. He drew up a very slick model for me to configure my own network at home, and I learned quite a bit about configuring virtual servers before lunch. It was so cool!

Around noon, I headed down to the Altstadt for the last time to do some last minute souvenir shopping. I popped in and out of a few different shops and found some great gifts. I am not a big shopper. I dread shopping, but I must admit once I got in a flow I was actually having a good time finding all the perfect gifts for everybody.

After 3 hours of solid shopping, I headed back to Bob's flat and we had to jet back out the door for an event for their kids. Michelle had been working overtime for the last two days preparing food for this event and we were all attending to partake in the evenings events. The event was a blast! Dariush joined us and we had a great time. The food was delicious (props Michelle), and the dessert parade was great as well. Dariush and I played Mario Kart Wii with some little kids and they put a hurtin' on us.

Dariush and I took off around 9:30 or so and headed back down to the Altstadt to just hang out and enjoy the evening together. I was going to try and meet up with Illuk, but I didn't have access to his number and it would have been a stretch to try and make it work tonight (my last night in Dusseldorf). I'm vowing to hook up with him the next time I'm in town. It just didn't work out this time... Sorry Illuk! :(

Dariush and I had a blast like we always do and just walked all over the place. We stopped for a beer, and then walked up and down the river. We eventually took the train back to Bob's flat around 11:30 and I packed my bags for the journey home.

Bob and Michelle were great hosts. I learned a nice German proverb while over here and felt that 3 nights in their house was a perfect duration for my stay in their home. The proverb states that "Guests are like fish. After about 3 days, they start to smell." :) Bob and Michelle saw to it that I was well fed and entertained during my stay here. They saw to it that I got to experience all the great things of a lifestyle of living in the "Zentrum" of Dusseldorf.

Not only that, but it was very cool that Bob let me come over and take a 2 week vacation during a pretty critical time on a project we were working on. My vacation set our productivity back a bit, but it was just what I needed to "reboot" and I made memories (with associating blog posts) during those two weeks that I'll have forever. It was actually Bob's idea to have me come over during the Dusseldorf Marathon and he actually helped me schedule it into our work schedule. Not many people have such a cool employer. I'm pretty fortunate to say the least. Thanks for everything Bob!

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