Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Dusseldorf, Germany - Day 23

Today was a holiday. Woke @ 7 am and got ready for my day. One of the first things I noticed was that the street was very quiet this morning. Typically around this time, I'd hear cars and people out on the street below. However, this morning (being a holiday) the streets were completely deserted. After getting ready, I walked downstairs for a quick breakfast and found that much of the morning staff had taken a holiday today as well. The breakfast was a bit sparse, but absolutely no complaints here! I had an apple, some breads and cheeses, and a yogurt.

A view from my room of Gartenstrasse

As I made my way down to Bob's flat, I noticed that the streets were still very quiet. It was almost eerie. I could only hear a few birds really. My footsteps echoed off the buildings beside me as I walked the 300 meters towards "the office". It was the quietest that I'd ever heard this city sound.

Bob and I worked all morning at the table over various cups of coffee and some iTunes. This was cool... He would turn on his tower, which he would then link up to his Apple TV, but then he would control the Apple TV with his iPad. It was mind blowing at first, and really got me thinking. I may need to get me one of these things... ? Jennifer?... ? :)

For lunch, I ate my leftover pizza from our lunch break yesterday. I ate it strait from the refrigerator and it was just enough. I washed it down with a huge Germany beer. Bob and I worked at the table until about 4pm. Around this time, I packed up my things and headed back down to my hotel. The plan was to finish up a few last minute changes, check in my code, and then get ready to meet up with Nick at the Cinestar Movie Theater to see the new Avenger's movie!

Dr. Nick

I was actually a bit late with my meeting time and left Nick waiting for about 20 minutes or so. Whoops. I got out the door a bit late due to some last minute fixes with my project. And then I had to wait on the train for about 5 minutes. By this time, I was already late... I got on the train and was only going to be about 5 - 10 minutes late. Unfortunately, I got off the train a few exits early on accident. I ended up walking about 1 - 1.5 km's. When I arrived, Nick was there and it looked like he had been waiting for a while. Sorry homes! :)

We immediately went in and got our tickets, some beers, and a big tub of popcorn. That's one thing I'm really liking about Germany; you can get beer anywhere. Here we were at the movie theater and I ordered a tall Radler beer before entering the movie. Viva la Deutchland!

The movie was AWESOME!! We saw it in 3D and had some pretty good seats near the front of the theater. The movie had all the things that make blockbusters great. It had humor, action, explosions, crazy special effects, and a great story line to boot. I hope to see it again when it comes out in the states. I found out that the movie is currently only available in a few countries, and Germany is one of them.

After the movie, Nick and I hung out back at the Altstadt where we drank a few more beers and ate some pizza at a nice oven pizza place. We said our good-byes and promised to keep in touch and went our separate ways. It was a lot of fun hanging out with Nick and I'm glad we got to hang out over here in Dusseldorf.

I made it back to the hotel and decided to pack my bags for an early morning check out. Tomorrow I will move my residence down to Bob and Michelle's flat. Packing took me about an hour and then I went to bed around 2 am.

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