Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Dusseldorf, Germany - Day 24

Today was (yet another) great day. I woke @ 7:30, showered, and headed down for a quick breakfast before checking out. I have accumulated so much luggage that I had to make two trips down to Bob's flat. The first load had my "carry on" and my computer bag. The second load had my big luggage which has all of my gifts and souvenirs along with all of my clothes. The big bag is stuffed and my carry on still has lots of room. Therefore, I may need to move somethings around before I fly out on Saturday.

Since I had all my things down here now, we were able to listen to music from my iTunes library today. Here comes another great use for the iPad... Bob was able to connect to my MacBook Pro from his iPad with the push of a button and a 4 digit code on my Mac. We then had full control over my massive iTunes library from a touch screen devise on the table. Not only that, but we still had instant access to his Apple TV, his iTunes on his main computer, and his laptop, all from this single devise. Simply ingenious!

Around noon, Bob and I grabbed some umbrellas and headed out for some lunch. It wasn't a full on rain, but it was sprinkling pretty steadily. We walked about a mile to a German-style Radio Shack which sold various computer parts and electronics. Our mission was to pick up some beefed-up routers and  for the flat since we were maxing it out with all of our computing. While Bob worked with the employees, I just looked around the store and was consumed in the geekiness of each isle. It was hard to walk out of there without buying anything, but my euros are low and most everything in the store I can get at home. From Conrad, we crossed the street and ate lunch at a Mexican restaurant which had a buffet style selection of deliciousness. After lunch, we headed back towards the flat to finish up our workday. Oh, did I mention it rained this entire time. Not bad, but enough to take notice. Bob and Michelle call their new hometown Drizzledorf, and it fits quite well as I now see.

We worked at the table until around 6pm. Around this time, Dariush showed up and was going to be joining us for dinner. It was great seeing him again, and he was finally able to meet Bob. The last time I was in Europe, Dariush and Bob worked together over the phone to help me out of a tight jam with my debit card in Paris, France. We all headed down toward the Altstadt and stopped to eat at a very nice seafood restaurant, named Fischhaus-Dusseldorf. We found a table outside under a large overhang and enjoyed the evening. A few times it really poured down rain and it was cool to see all the lights reflect off the stones on the street. My dish was delicious; I ordered a mixture of different grilled fishes. We also enjoyed a nice bottle of white wine with our meal.

Dariush and I @ Fischhaus-Dusseldorf

I think it goes without saying that we had a great time this evening. 

Around 9:30, we started our journey back toward the flat. It had stopped raining by this time and it actually turned out to be a beautiful evening.

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Pop said...

Good update son. I'm sure I'm not the only one missing the daily blogs. Get Bill's last name. maybe Dan knows him.