Monday, April 18, 2011

Ordering Domino's Pizza Online

Holy crap! I just ordered my first pizza online at and it is the coolest thing ever. I got to go through the process of ordering my pizza down to extreme minor details about how to prepare it. I configured it to be light on the cheese, extra shrooms, gimme a tub of garlic dipping sauce on the side, etc... Even after I placed my order, I got to see that "Jessie" started preparing it at 7:02pm without having to refresh the page. It was only seconds after I click "Place Order" too.

Talk about customer service!! I would definitely recommend ordering your next Domino's Pizza online! Put the phone down and enjoy the interactive experience.

Since writing the above two paragraphs, my pizza is now "In the Oven"!

Domino's get uber geek points from me!!


Jennifer said...

I am so glad you are busy working ;) Love you.

Luc said...

So busy in fact that I had to order Domino's so that I could focus on work. :)