Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Luc the Inspirational Blogger

I was recently contacted by a gentleman from West Palm Beach, Florida concerning some tips on traveling to Novosibirsk, Russia. His name is Scott Richardson, and he will be traveling to Novosibirsk throughout November and plans to stay in Akademgorodok of all places!? He's a real nice guy and he had lots of really good questions about the area. Best of all, he's a runner too! It's one thing for an Ohioan to run in the cold, but a Floridian...?

Scott has recently started a blog and plans to be blogging while he is over there about his adventures. That's awesome!! Please check out his blog: http://scottrichardsonsblog.blogspot.com

He is very new to blogging, and, I feel as though I have a little bit to do with that; he actually says so (in a way). Thanks Scott! That's great! I've met a lot of people through my blogging habit (including you). I look forward to reading your adventures! Be careful of the crazy door systems, and bundle up on those runs. :)

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Scott Richardson said...


I do indeed give you all the credit for getting me started on blogging. I have only posted a few things (you liked the dog), and most recently posted a photo from our daughter's high school graduation, with all three kids in the picture. Check it out.
Waiting on the time frame to apply for the visa. I'll send you an email about that.