Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Training at Mohican Trail 100

I've had some amazing training results recently. I'm slimming down quite a bit, though my weight has stayed the same. I'm fitting into my clothes better and getting stronger everyday. I'm very, very serious about this Grand Island Trail Marathon next month. I didn't get the training in that I wanted for my first marathon, and I didn't really know what to expect. Since I've "been there, done that" and know what to expect (ie. hell), I want to give this next race everything I have; I plan to leave it all on the trail. My goal time for this marathon is 5 hours (that's almost 2 full hours faster than my last race). This calculates to an 11:27 pace. This time has become my new favorite number.

Jen and I have already began scheduling our vacation around this race. We're taking the girls up for a full week of camping in the woods. We've booked our camp site and are starting to plan our week (canoing, hiking, sight seeing, etc..). On the right is a picture of the island that I will be running on. The scenery alone will be worth the torture come race day. I've requested the time off of work and things are falling into place. The race is a little over a month away, but I know it will be here before I know it. It goes without saying that my marathon training is in full force right now!

Last week I had a very good week of training. On Sunday, I got to explore some country roads around my area that I've never been on before; that was pretty cool. This week, I'm working on fast intervals and endurance. As I've said before, I'm using a training plan that Rob has put together for me. He's been totally awesome these last 5 weeks. His training ideas are so much different from what I've done in the past using CoolRunning plans and RunnersWorld plans, and I am really noticing the results from my goal oriented runs. When I kick ass at Grand Island this year, he gets part (but not all) of my glory. :) I really enjoy using this training plan and feel confident enough to attempt building my own training plan after I've completed this race.

Anyway, on to the real purpose of this post... (bad segway warning)... Rob will be running in the Mohican Trail 100 this Saturday, and as it turns out... I will be too (sorta). Kim has asked me to pace her this Saturday at the race. I gave her a very excited "HELL YEAH!". I'm scheduled for a 16 mile long run this Sunday, so I plan to meet up with her Saturday night (after she's already put in 60 miles!!) and run into the dark of night with her. I'm taking my headlamp and will get to see exactly what it's like to run in the woods at night with nothing more than a light beaming from my forehead. It will be a learning experience to say the least.

After I get in my "long run" (how embarrassing), I'll leave her to finish yet another 24 miles by herself or with another pacer. I hope that my company will help push her through some hard miles. To shed some light on all of this, her run starts at 5am on Saturday, and I will be meeting up with her around 8:30pm (+15 hours later) to run 16 miles with her. When I leave and go back to my campsite, she still has to finish 24 more miles. These types of miles are still staggering for me to think about!!

The cool thing about this weekend trip to help a friend at Mohican State Park, is that I've talked Jennifer into coming with me! We're going to make a "grown ups only" camping weekend out of it. The girls are staying with Grandma and Grandpa, and we're taking our canoe up and plan to float down the Mohican River most of the day Saturday before I have to meet up with Kim. We've already booked our site and it's right on the river. :)

Here's to you Rob and Kim! Can't wait to see you guys this weekend! Yer gonna kick ass!!


Jamie Anderson said...

AWESOME! I think it's safe to say you will find being a pacer to be extremely rewarding. I've only done it once myself, but it was a fantastic experience. Best of luck to you and Kim this weekend.

Running 2 Mohican said...

Great to see that you are supporting Kim on this race.

She will need to be pushed in and out of the aid stations. Run ahead an fill those water bottles for her and move her so she has little time there.

Most important you have the ability to help her metally to be strong and continue. You will have a blast!

Kim said...

Thanks so much for being my pacer luc!! Yes, do like rob sez, get me in and out of AS quick!!
See you Saturday night!!

Luc said...

Jamie - I agree that it will be a rewarding experience; I can't wait! Your pacing report was awesome by the way. :)

Rob - I'm all over it. Thanks for the tips! Josh Dillinger will be joining us so Kim will be saying "Oh, pacer boys!" :)

Kim - Of course! Thanks for the offer! Can't wait! :)