Thursday, March 20, 2008

New Balance 908

My gym bag is missing. I'm convinced it was stolen out of my car while at work or something. Anyway, with my bag went a lot of stuff, including my Adidas Quatra Trail shoes, my iPod arm band, a $60 set of Sony ear buds, a pair of swimming goggles, lots of Shot Bloks, and other work out stuff (socks, shorts, pants, etc..).

Anyway, long story short... I went to the FrontRunner store last Friday night and got me a new pair of trail shoes! I tried on about 9 pair of shoes and the lady that was helping me knew her stuff!! She made all kinds of suggestions for me and I told her exactly what type of running I'll be doing this year (lots of trails and some roads). I took the family with me and of course, my girls were all suggesting shoes that "looked" cool (ie. colorful). It was fun!

So, after about 30 minutes of pacing back and forth in different shoes, I settled on the New Balance 908 trail shoe.

Here is what they look like brand new:

Here is what they looked like the next day (<24 hours later):

Yeah... I got in trouble when I got home after that run!

Oh, if anybody has seen my gym bag, let me know. :)


Kim said...

They look much better in pic #2!

I have a pair of NB trail shoes with some good miles on them!

Running 2 Mohican said...

I agree with Kim they do look better in pic # 2

Jamie Anderson said...

Hi Luc. Way to break those shoes in.

In reply to your question about the maps and google earth... I use a program called SportsTracks. Once you upload your GPS data, you export it as a google earth file and from there you can customize the colors of your route and do some other stuff. Hope that helps.

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