Thursday, March 06, 2008

Mac Daddy Luc

I'm officially Mac'n. I've had this MacBook Pro for some time now, but I've procrastinated for too long on getting all my stuff moved over to it. To be honest, I've just dreaded the whole process. I've been on this Tablet (Toshiba Portege m200) for almost 4 years now and have everything I need on it (and then some).

This week, I dedicated some major hours to getting it setup. At work I would have it setup on my desk and install all the apps I needed on it, while I did my "normal" work on the Tablet. When I was home, I just installed update after update for the Vista in between surfing the web inside OS X. I must say that I'm gonna miss my tablet (which I'm using now) and I know it will miss me too. Even though I don't use the pen too much anymore, I just know where all the keys are and can do anything on the keyboard without ever looking at it. I drive Jennifer crazy because I can fly on this thing. For example, right now, my fingers are going about 120 mph right now and it's nothing for me...

Aside from my mad tablet skills and relearning a whole new keyboard configuration, I gotta say that I'm pretty excited about the whole new get-up. James and Pilgrim helped me get setup with Boot Camp and Parallels. I'm basically running Vista on a separate partition through the Mac OS. With a couple of keystrokes I can switch from Mac to Vista without rebooting. Major props to Pilgrim and James for that, thanks guys! They helped me big time through that whole process. I told James at one point that I felt like that guy that had an empty cup and I was standing at the sink totally clueless as to how to fill my cup up (it was the only analogy I could think of, but hit the nail on the head). I was yelling his name every 2 minutes for silly questions; I felt like a total noob.

My Vista is setup with Office 2007, VS2008, Sql Server 2005 with Analysis Services, Starteam, TotalCommander, and Firefox. I still have to put Visual Basic 6.0 and all the components that I can't live without on it; you know... DynamiCube, ActiveBar, SharpGrid, and ActiveReports.

Bottom line, I'm Mac'n baby!


James said...

Welcome to the Mac world :) (finally :p)

Have you checked out Numbers yet? That app still blows me away.

Luc said...

Not yet... It's next week along with my 4gb memory and Parallels license!