Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Data Dynamics on .NET Rocks - Overview

Well, I've listened to it twice now and I gotta say that Scott and Issam (I refuse to link to you until you start blogging again! It's my way of kicking you in the butt...) did a great job representing the company. I'm very excited and pleased with the results of the interview. We've had lots of very encouraging emails from many users through email and forwarded to us from the .NET Rocks guys.

While listening to it, I actually learned how Data Dynamics got it's name too. I never knew that it was thought up on the show floor like that. I guess I never bothered to ask either, so... :)

Anyway, it was a great interview and I was very excited to hear all the hype behind Data Dynamics Analysis; this is the product I've been working with for the past 2+ years. It's almost out of beta! We're finalizing some of the marketing stuff and prettying up our site until then. I plan to do some "tips and tricks" on my blog in the coming months. We've also talked about having a public blog at Data Dynamics as well, so I'll be posting a lot of tips and tricks out there too when it's up and running.

If you haven't listened to the podcast yet... Stop blogging and listen to it! If you've not heard of .NET Rocks or Data Dynamics, then why not listen to the podcast and learn something... Especially for all my running friends that read this blog; what's a 55 minute podcast gonna hurt when you're on a 2-3 hour run? :)


Kim said...

Ok-I'm downloading. I'm not sure whether I'll understand a darn word of it-I'll let you know!

Luc said...

Rock on, Kim! Thanks! :)

So...? Did you learn anything or were you totally lost? I suspect the latter. :D

Kim said...

Okay, I took the challenge and listened to the whole podcast! The .Net Rocks podcast is very nicely done. The interview with your company went very well. Apparently there is some product, which the name escapes me, that your company (Data Dynamics) developed and 'got out there' that is used universally, and the product actually has more name recognition than the company name.
Email me sometime and explain what .net means!

The guys from Data Dynamics did a very nice job!