Monday, August 23, 2010

Long Runs and Race Season

Up to now, I've been running great and keeping up with my schedule pretty good. However, I must admit that I've been pampering my long runs and cutting them short for the silliest reasons. Some weekends I get a late start and have to get back to the house for some weird reason. Other weekends I decide that I can cut a 15 miler into a 12 miler because I'm doing my P90X and feel it's a fair trade. Yesterday, I went out for a 10 miler, then told myself that I could do 15. I got back to the car at 10.5 miles and I was out of water. The plan was to go up to the gas station, buy some water then come back and do 4+ more miles. Well, that changed once I got into the car completely dehydrated and drove to the gas station. I decided to just come on home and call it a day.

Starting this week, it will all change. It is officially race season and I'm going to be pushing myself on every run until I cross the finish line at Oil Creek. This weekend, I'm heading up to Mohican State Park for a 22 miler. Next weekend, I'll probably do the same for my 25 miler. The Indian Run 60K is only 3 weeks away. This is one of my favorite races and I plan to leave nothing on the course this year. Last year, I wasn't able to run it because I was in France. This year, I'll make up for lost time and plan to finish strong.

I also just confirmed with my old college buddy, Farley, that I'll be running beside him in the Woodstock Hippie Half Marathon at Pinkney State Park, in Michigan. Pinkney was where I ran my first marathon 2 years ago.

If you see me on the streets running in my VFF's, you'll know why: It's go time!

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Trailrunner402 said...

Luc, I met you at Bobcat last year...Kim introduced us! I am also running at Woodstock (I am making my second go at a 50M, seeing as I DNF'd Mohican 50M this year!) Glad to see a name I recognize signed up for Woodstock! See U there!