Wednesday, March 10, 2010

These are the times...

I was at my mom's house the other day and she told me about something on the news that got us talking. The story was regarding an inmate on death row (Lawrence Reynolds) swallowed a bunch of pills in an attempt to commit suicide. While I find it unfortunate for him to be so down on himself, I don't understand a lot of things logic that took place when they brought him back to life. They saved his life so that they could put him back into a cell and kill him another way at a later date... Best yet, I just saw on the news tonight that there is now an extensive (and expensive) investigation going on to determine how he got access to the pills, and who should be held responsible.

The whole story struck me as being "rather funny" at first, but it has pushed over into "just crazy" now. :)

Especially this:
Reynolds' execution has been rescheduled for...


Jason Follas said...

I especially like how he was on a Suicide Watch afterwards. It's like they're saying, "No, we have taxpayer dollars set aside to kill you, and we're dead set on doing it!"

Running 2 Mohican said...

Well I can tell you that as the ex safety director for the department of rehabilitation and corrections the absurd part of this story is the part that is not part of the news yet. (please understand my sarcastic thoughts) This is reality daily in DRC.
The litigation that the family will most certainly bring against DRC and you the tax payers will pay for. DRC policy and procedure was not followed and an employee failed to assure the safety of this poor inmate this poor inmate in the fear of death was suicidal and DRC failed to assure the safety of this poor inmate. (don’t get me started on his murder and the victims)
I taught classes for a college on corrections and related legal issues. We can thank the courts for what will cost the tax dollars for us all. The right to preventing cruel and unusual punishment. I will get you sick with more stories and facts that would make the public sick of inmate rights. But most certainly some of the rights are well founded and there for reasons. I have been to over 70 correctional facilities in my life across the United States. The evolution of facilities came a long way from just the days as I had started out when I was a guard right of high school. But it has evolved so much from the 60s 20s and 1880s.
Of course since I no longer work for DRC I can only make a few assumptions based on my 18 year or work for DRC. The investigation is more to figure out how this happened. It might have been pills to a con this time but a knife next time to the chest of a brave guard.
But you all are right it seems so strange this case and I can bet that if no medical treatment and watch was completed on this guy the tax payers would have spent more. Just look at it as stopping the bleeding and us making sure that this guy dies the way the courts want.