Tuesday, March 30, 2010

A Busted Foot

Man!? Just as the weather was getting good, I went and injured myself. I took a fun run at Dillon State Park this last Sunday with my buddy, Dan. This was my first real long run in my VFFs, and I think I may have overdone it just a bit.

I woke at 7am and got my famous egg sandwiches made before Dan showed up. When he arrived, we got our water bottles filled and headed out the door around 7:45. We arrived at the park right around 8am and were ready to get wet.

It was very cold and drizzling rain. The trails were extremely muddy and filled with freezing brown rain water. Perfect conditions for a trail run. For the first 6 miles I felt like Superman and I was dodging all the slippery rocks that were looking to break my ankles. My toe strikes felt very natural and I felt like I was Born To Run (great book by the way, almost done with it) in my bare feet (ie. VFF's).

Around mile 7 or mile 8 I was starting to notice a slight discomfort on the bridge of my right foot. It was my first metatarsal (big toe bone). It wasn't so bad that I couldn't run on it, so I continued to run when I could and power walk up the hills. Unfortunately, I had developed a slight limp by this point, but I kept pushing.

After the run, I knew my foot was in bad shape. It didn't hurt too bad at first, but a few hours after my run it was killing. Jennifer and I were working around the house and I was hobbling on my right foot very badly. Around 3pm I had to sit down and elevate it to get some of the throbbing out of it. It helped, but the moment I put it back down on the floor I was in pain again.

In two weeks, my buddy Rob is having his Forget the PR 50k race for the volunteers. I was really wanting to run it, and may still do so. My plan is to just take it easy until then and see how my foot does. Who knows I may do it just to spite my foot... :)

After all these minimalist pains, I'm still barefoot.


plessthanpointohfive said...

Hi Luc,

How's your foot feeling? It's been a few weeks since you posted about it.

I got into barefoot running last year but I kept injuring and re-injuring a ligament in my ankle and gave it up for a long while. I'm about to go run the Country Music Marathon but after I am re-vamping my training and will incorporate some barefoot stuff again.

BTW, I found your blog because I am intrigued by ultra running and trail running. So, for the past several days I've spent some time reading nearly every post on this blog. It's been fun watching (retrospectively) your transformation to a runner. I think because I also became a runner just 2 years ago (at age 33).

Anyway, looking forward to your next post!

plessthanpointohfive said...

Oh, I forgot to add...my son's name is Luc! That's the totality of his name, though, not Lucas. He was named after my husband's grandfather (they are Cajun).

Luc said...

Hi CP Jen!

Thanks for reading my blog post!

My foot was doing much better, until this past weekend when I really dinged it up for good. :) I just posted my story about it if you'd like to read it.

Also, very cool that your sons name is Luc. Most all the ones I know are either Luke or Lucas. You're right though, my "real" name is Lucas, so I don't really count anyway. :)

plessthanpointohfive said...

Well, of course it still counts. It's still unusual to see anyone outside of France spell it that way. I will go read your update now...