Monday, March 09, 2009

GE | Plug Into the Smart Grid | Smart Meters

I love my family so much, but there is a serious issue going on with our energy consumption. I literally walk around all day and turn off lights behind my girls. If someone walked into a bedroom at 8am, the light would still be on at 5pm, for no good reason. It's sad really. :(

Jennifer and I's "song" is "Every Light in the House is On" by Toby Keith. I want that song played at my funeral, because it is literally the story of my life. It goes like this:
Every light in the house is on
The back yard is looking like the crack of dawn
The front porch looks like runway lights
Kind of like noon in the dead of night.
Anyway, while I was going through my blogroll yesterday, I read about this Smart Grid technology by GE.

Here is a quick video that shows an overview of what it is:

What caught my attention was a new meter that you can hook up to your house that literally lets you see how much money is being spent at any given second of the day by a little display unit inside your house. This is totally what my family needs! Here is a link to all the information: GE | Plug Into the Smart Grid | Smart Meters


Issam Elbaytam said...

man, get a motion sensor adapter or switch and be done with it.

Unknown said...

Seriously, my wife is like that.
Leaves lights on all the time. I told her she can start paying the electric bill. She does the same with running water.
So irritating.