Thursday, January 01, 2009

My Running Resume

I started this crazy running thing as a new years resolution to "get healthy" for 2007. As a result, I found that I love running.

That first year I did a bunch of 5k's and really enjoyed being outside in the elements while I trained for those races. Later in 2007, I ran my first trail race and immediately fell in love with the brutality of trail running. :)

My new years resolution for 2008 was to run a trail marathon, so I did. And then I ran another... and then I ran a trail ultra marathon, just to prove (to myself) that I could. I finished my 2008 year with a great (road) marathon PR of 4:27:31. I would have never guessed that!!!

The the best thing about each race I ran this year was that I outdid myself on each one.
  1. My first marathon took me 6:52 minutes to finish.
  2. My second marathon took me 4:57 to finish.
  3. My ultra marathon took me almost 8:30 to finish.
  4. My third marathon took me 4:27 to finish.
I'm setting my sights for farther distances for 2009. This summer, I want to try a 50 miler, and if I survive that, I'll look for a 100k (~62 mile) race in the fall. For now, I'm just building my base back up since I've let is slip since my last marathon. I needed a break honestly, but... 2009, here I come!


Unknown said...

Very cool year for you indeed.

Happy New Year.

Joe Root said...

You may consider this strange as a marathon is for running not raising dumbbells above your head. Adriana Grillet

Sophie Grace said...

This is interesting! I enjoyed reading your great post picbear