Saturday, January 10, 2009

Forget the PR, Mohican 50k

My good buddy, Rob, has coordinated a new race this year called "Forget the PR, Mohican 50k". Today, I found out that I'm able to run it after all!!

Long story short: I signed up for the race on the first day of registration, because I was so excited about it and failed to check my schedule, to make sure that I could actually run it; I got ahead of myself. A few weeks after I registered, I learned that the race date was the day after our check-in date at Disney World down in Orlando, Florida. That wasn't going to work. :( Well, when I got back from CodeMash this afternoon, Jennifer and I sat down and were just talking about everything and we decided that we couldn't really do the Orlando thing due to our finances, etc... As much as I hated the fact that we couldn't take the girls to Florida this summer and see Mickey, I was (secretly) excited to be able to run the race after all. :)

Rob, COUNT ME IN!! I can't wait to get my first ultra belt buckle!


Running 2 Mohican said...

Great to see that you are getting to come get your buckle! Train away my friend.

Anonymous said...

Truly a bummer you and your family can't make it to Disney.

Regardless, Rob has ensured that we will have fun on April 19th.

triguyjt said...

luc... cool that you can do forget the pr...sounds like a great race...
I am kinda new to trail ultras after many years in triathlon...just love the whole experience of training on trails and the challenge..

u can teach an old dog new tricks..
good luck...I have my first 50k this sunday and am curious about the forget the pr race...we'll see

Anonymous said...

Hey man - how goes it? I didn't know you were such a hardcore runner! Ping me sometime down here in Houston.


Luc said...

Rob - I'm pumped! :)

Nick - Yeah, Mickey can wait. I wanna run! (sung like "I wanna rock!") :D

TriGuyJT - You should definitely check out the race. It'll be fun one. Hope your first 50k went well.

Bryan - Good to hear from you! Email me anytime at my email address. You can probably guess what it is. :P