Friday, November 02, 2007

My Guitar Hero

I know I haven't blogged in a while, and that is about to change, cause I have a backlog of things that need blogged. However, this is very blog worthy post for a comeback.

Tonight, I logged in to do some PCing, and James sent me a link to his buddy's guitar hero video on YouTube. This guy's name is Adam and I've met him before. At that time I had no idea he had mad-jammin-chops. Well... I'll let the video speak for Adam now:

From now on, whenever I'm in the room with this guy, he will be known only as "Mr. Guitar Hero".

Rock on Adam!.. I mean... Mr Guitar Hero, sir.


Cheez said...

It's about time I get some respect.

Luc said...

James told me about some new music game called "Rock Band". I'm thinking your guitar skills, my drum skills, and James' singing skills... we could go somewhere. :)

Cheez said...

wait wait wait...did you just use "James" and "singing skills" in the same sentence without some negation word in there?

James said...

Wait a sec here, what about bass? I could do a good job of failing us on either vocals or bass guitar. :D