Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Data Dynamics Analysis (public beta)

This post is a bit longer overdue than James' late announcement.

We, at Data Dynamics, have been very busy the last couple of years developing the next generation of analysis tools for .NET developers. We've just recently announced the beta release of our latest .NET component called Data Dynamics Analysis.

This is a new cutting edge visual analysis tool for developers that need to deliver analysis solutions to their end users. With a few configurations, developers are able to deliver business intelligence solutions to their end users through presentation quality charts requiring nothing more than simple drag and drop operations. In a nutshell, we will help you look like a rock star with this thing. If you don't believe me, just download it and give it 15 minutes of your time.

It really is amazing how basic charts can give a person a deep understanding of the same data. By simply visualizing the exact same data in a meaningful chart with easy colors, the user begins to make sense of the data at a deeper level. Though DynamiCube will always be my first love, Data Dynamics Analysis is my new tool for analyzing data.

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