Saturday, November 03, 2007

Gphone? This Monday? What?

Google to unveil 'Android' phone software | One More Thing - CNET "Can Google really be a mobile-software developer, search engine, application house, and wireless carrier? And will people actually want to use that? We might soon find out."

I did some link digging and saw that Google is amping up their mobile market since everybody has a cell phone these days. Why wouldn't Google get a piece of this? To be honest with you, I'm hope they do! I know I'm using the crap out of their services every single day. I haven't given them a penny out of my pocket. So it appears that "Corporate America" is floating the bill for my Gmail space, web space, this blog, Picasa, and everything else I use of theirs.

How cool would it be to just buy a phone (ie. a Gphone) and then never pay for phone service again? With the right device and an open wireless network this sounds not so far off. Basically, build a cheap device that would have Google Talk service for the speech capabilities to talk to other people with a Gphone. Preload a lightweight browser (ie. Firefox) for quick access to everything else "Google" (ie. maps, local search, ). Once you buy it, just keep it charged and take it with you.

The Safari & iPhone combo is a perfect example; Scott let me tinker on his iPhone one day and after about 5 minutes with it, I "got it". Ingenious! Now just take away the wireless service agreement and you've won.

Maybe it's just me, but I don't see this as being that far off... I'd love to get away from sending money every month to Sprint for my cell phone service. I'm on my PC most of the time anyway.


Philip said...

If I didn't have such an aversion to cell phones I would almost think this is kind of cool. But since I do, it's a terrible idea :)

James said...

@Phil: lol

I'm hoping the competition from google can get us better phones like those in europe and if they would just build up the infrastructure as well.