Wednesday, May 30, 2007

My Stress Fracture

Well, I went to the foot doctor yesterday and he told me that my MRI came back indicating that I had a stress fracture on one of my ligaments that connects the inside of my foot to the outside of my shin. Apparently this is the best case scenario and my body will just heal itself over time. He told me to not run on it for 2 more weeks and then ease back into running on a soft track. As it turns out, he said that it usually happens when runners do too much "hill work". I didn't have the heart to tell him about my new sandals. I'm sure it was from me trying to stretch the 'toe' strap on my Chaco's all day long. I still wear my Chaco's, but I no longer stretch my toe strap all day...

So the bottom line is that it my injury should heal itself over time if I just take it easy for a little while longer. I totally expected to walk out in a boot, so I'm pretty happy with my visit.

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Unknown said...

Bummer! Are you going to TechEd? Maybe you could just sit? I told you that running was bad for you!