Friday, May 18, 2007

My Second Running Injury

Well, darn it!! I screwed up my foot again. This time it's more serious, I went to the doctor today and doc says it looks like a stress fracture.

Everything was going fine. My Achilles tendon healed up quite nicely (more info) and I was adding miles, subtracting the pounds, and shrinking my mile-pace like crazy. I had all summer to look forward to... or so I thought. Jennifer and I went on vacation last week to Myrtle Beach and I screwed up my foot real bad.

Two days before Myrtle Beach, I went out and bought me a new pair of Chaco's and decided to wear them around for a bit before going on vacation. This would allow me to get used to them and "break 'em in". The weird thing about the sandal is that it has a section that covers the big toe and I wasn't used to this. I kept stretching my big toe up to loosen the straps and it was causing the muscles in the top of my foot to get sore. I decided to stop stretching the toe loop with my big toe so compulsively and see if the pain would go away. It did, kinda... but I had already made it sore, so it was a matter of "healing" it at this point.

Well when we got to Myrtle Beach, I decided to find a cool running path and I did. I found a 3 mile path that was right along the ocean. The first night I ran the 3 miles in 27:42 and I felt good; my foot didn't hurt and I felt rejuvenated afterwards. The second night I ran the same path only I cut 30 seconds off of each mile; finishing the path in 26:16. I felt this run a little more than I did the night before, but my foot was still fine. I decided to take Tuesday off and rest a day from running altogether. Of course Jen and I went shopping all day and I wore my Chaco's like a dumb ass. Half way into the day, I felt the top of my foot hurting a little bit from that damn strap. By the end of the day, my left foot was hurting. :(

I decided to try running on my foot Wednesday evening after a full day at the beach... in my Chaco's. I got about 100 yards into my run and had to stop. I limped all the way back to the Condo and put ice on it. It hurt bad!

Well I've been limping ever since that night. I actually had a doctor's appointment today and the doctor stated that I could have broken a bone in my ankle (at the front of my foot). He also proceeded to tell me that this is the worse kind of break because it takes so long to heal... great. I'm supposed to go in for another x-ray next week and they might do an MRI on it.

Until then, no running for me.