Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Kid Talk

It's amazing how kids learn the English language off of one another. Lizzie and Jazzy have a bunch of words that they both say the exact same way. I know that they feed off of each other too because they talk to each other all day everyday and neither one of them correct one another... therefore the words never get corrected.

Here are some of the words that they use that crack me and Jennifer up:
  • Baff - Daizi needs a baff.
  • Baxet - Put your dirty clothes in the laundry baxet.
  • Beebing Soup - Jazzy, that's a purdy beebing soup.
  • Bizzy - I like to spin around and get bizzy.
  • Bruss - I have to bruss my hair.
  • Checkup - Lizzie likes checkup on her fries and her eggs.
  • Chicken - The wefwidgewaitew is in the chicken.
  • Curly Flower - Mmm, I just love curly flower (aka: cauliflower).
  • Dejert - Mmm, this is delichez dejert.
  • Doze - Mommy, w'are doze?
  • Gustusting - Eww daddy, beer is gustusting.
  • Hot Tacos - Hot pockets.
  • Kittar - Daddy, you play drums and I'll play the kittar.
  • Parkly - I like your parkly shirt and parkly pants Jazz.
  • Parrot Shoot - Look at that guy in that parrot shoot.
  • Penses - She is such a purdy penses.
  • Punge Bob - Eww gross, punge bob.
  • Pupcakes - These are yummy pupcakes.
  • Pydurman - Eww gross, pydurman.
  • Rolletta - We have a lamb named Loretta Lynn and the girls call her Rolletta Lynn
  • Sauchez - Lizzie doesn't like sauchez on her pizza.
  • Sheme - Popcorn comes from a popcorn sheme.
  • Smaquito - Daddy, Wizzie just got bit by a smaquito.
  • Thayah - When are we going to be thayah?
  • V'cation - We are having so much fun on our v'cation.
  • Wefweshing - Mmm, this lemondade is wefweshing.
  • Wiji - Daddy look, Jazzy has a wiji.
  • Wizzie - Daddy, Wizzie just got bit by another smaquito. :)

There are so many more (like 20 or so) that I can't think of right now. Some of them were so funny that they had me in stitches for days afterwards... I'll be sure to update this blog post as they pop in my head...

Update: I remembered what it was that had Jennifer and I laughing so hard about the other night. Jazzy was trying to get us to play her favorite song in the van when we were on v'cation. And the only thing she could think of was a song about "cheese" and a "4 wheel drive". Jennifer and I could not think of what in the world she was talking about. Then about an hour or so later, the song came on:

I dug my keys (aka: cheese) into the side of his pretty little souped up 4 wheel drive. - Carrie Underwood (Before He Cheats)

Also, I think it is only fitting that I also mention something that I overheard tonight while watching Discovery's Planet Earth with the girls. They were trying to tell each other just how big Earth was and Lizzie said: "Huh-uh Jazz, the Earth is even bigger than our house." :)

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