Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Project Camelot Interviews Gordon Novel « Mysterious Universe

Gordon Novel is a quack!! (Google Video Link)

If you don't believe me, see for yourself (links above). I was actually interested in what he had to say for the first 10 minutes, then he got nervous and started fumbling his words together. It was painful watching him make stuff up on the fly. The interviewer was actually poking fun at him (or so I gathered). I didn't believe a word he had to say after about 15 minutes. There was clearly too much editing involved and it was obvious that he was tripping over his own stories. For example, he claims that he had never been to Area 51, and then later he claims he was there, but didn't see any underground bunkers, etc... Then he talks about the fact that we (Americans) have time travel, but can't release it and that there is a book on time travel out there that is "very accurate" in how it all works. He gives his opinions on everything controversial and made a complete ass out of himself as far as I'm concerned. He's a quack! Period.

Watching that video was a complete waste of time. I actually stopped it numerous times, but decided to finish it just so I could confirm this dude was full of crap. He is.

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Investment101 said...

I think the points you've made about him being a quack, are a result of not really understanding what he was talking about. He didn't say he had been to Area 51, he said he had been to Dulce. And the book wasn't a HOWTO of time traveling, it was a theoretical one.

I'm not saying I believe him, just my reasons aren't due to misunderstandings.