Monday, January 22, 2007

Five things you would never know about me unless I voluntarily told you

I have seen a lot of bloggers talking about 5 things that people don't know about them. Some are very interesting to say the least. :) James tagged me today...

Here goes:

1.) I hung out with some pretty bad kids in my neighborhood growing up and I think I'm the only one of them that has never been to juvie. :)

2.) I have always thought my wife was out of my league. When we first started dating, I lost 60 lbs to try and get into her league. I guess it worked... she married me. The weight had nothing to do with it though, I've since gained most of it back and she still loves me. :)

3.) I saw a ghost when I was about 13 and it scared the shit out of me. I haven't seen one since, but the whole phenomenon fascinates me still to this day... What was that?...

4.) In high school people thought I was "popular", but I really wasn't. I was just nice to everybody (nerds, jocks, stoners, head bangers, preps, losers, everybody) and feel that this is why I got all of that attention my junior and senior years. I was elected onto the homecoming court, prom court, and given various superlative awards. I always felt out of place getting my name called with all the other "popular" kids at the big events. I thought it was cool that they were all nice to me. Maybe they didn't feel popular either??? Anyway, I will always feel like a chubby nerd on the inside. :)

5.) I was an extremely ugly baby and nobody liked me. My body was covered with rashes and I was completely bald for the first 2 years of my life. I didn't walk until after I was 2 because I was so overweight. People still call me Charlie Brown because of this "era" in my life. :) My mom says that she couldn't get anybody to babysit me either because I was such a mama's boy that I screamed uncontrollably if I didn't see her in my line of sight. MOMMY!!!??? :)

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