Monday, October 04, 2010

Internet Explorer vs. All Other Browsers

All other browsers would win! Internet Explorer loses bad.

I have spent a significant amount of time fighting a CSS bug that only happens in Internet Explorer. It's not a bug that is hard to notice either, rather it has completely broken my page from top to bottom and renders a nasty display when using IE. It works flawlessly in every other browser that I've tried:
Unfortunately our users are predominantly IE users, which means I have to fix the problem. I don't mind fixing the problem. However, I'm noticing that most all of my problems are directly related to our IE 6/7/8 users. I never use IE anymore, and it's because of crap like this. Perhaps I'm so bias because I am a web developer. What makes IE so special anyway!? I understand "backward compatibility", but damn...

I wish I could just put a banner at the top of my page when the user is using IE. Something like:
You're using an antique, dinosaur of a browser. Please open this page with any other browser on the market for best results.


superheroben said...

I'll fix it for you for 267 pints of Guinness

James said...

Google Chrome Frame, let your users use IE but run your site in a real browser :)

Luc said...

James - That looks sweet. Hadn't heard about it. I've been doing some HTML 5 learning and this get's me excited. :)

Ben - Deal!