Friday, July 02, 2010

P90X Noob

I was so excited to start P90X this week. I ate right all weekend and got all the supplies I needed to get started first thing in the morning on Monday.

The night before I was to get started, I read the instructions and realized that I still had a bit of work to do in order to start the program. I still needed to take the fit test, and record all of my "before data" (weight, measurements, resting HR, etc..). It was also recommended that I do the fit test a few days before starting the actual program (assuming I pass).

I took the test and passed everything with flying colors... except the pull-up requirement. The program suggests that I should be able to do 3 wide grip pull ups. I couldn't do ONE! :'( I can do about 2 normal pull ups (shoulder width with underhand grip), but the wide angle pull ups are too much for my big 'ol butt.

Instead, I decided to just use this week to eat right, and do a few of the exercises anyway to get a feel for them. I'm glad I did, as I now realize that I can do the program anyway and use assistance on my pullups the first few weeks. I just need to use the chair technique for the more difficult pull-ups. After about 2-3 weeks, I should be able to do (at least) 1 wide angle pull up and then I'll be able to keep up for the next 10-11 weeks...

On Wednesday I did the "Chest and Back" program and it hurt bad... I'm still feeling it actually. Yesterday I took a rest day; did some situps, and ran 3 miles, but let the upper body rest. This morning I did "Legs and Back" program and... ouch. It hurt. :) Tomorrow I think I'm going to do Kempo X (it's like kick boxing), and then I'll do the Stretch X program on Sunday. Assuming I can still move. Of course, I'm still running everyday and keeping up with my training schedule.

This is the first time that I've ever really kept track of my food intake, and I am discovering that it's amazing how much CRAP we (as Americans) eat when we don't pay attention. I've been a food Nazi and eating small portions of (rather) healthy food every 2-3 hours. Even when doing this, it's putting me over the 2,000 calorie limit almost everyday. The protein bars may have something to do with it, but Sodium, Potasium, Fat, and Calories add up very quickly when you're not paying attention; even from raw fruits and vegetables (I couldn't believe it).

I start the full program @ 6am on Monday. BRING IT!


Jamie Farley said...

I have the videos. I did the Lean Program for 2 weeks. I had to quit because I had a right elbow injury from hitting my speed bag and also my right knee was weird at the time. now I feel healthy enough to start it again, but time is not on my side. Although I really think P90X can help build strngth for running. Especailly if I am going to do that half marathon at the end of Sept. One thing about p90X is that it really does burn calories...When I did it I was starving all the time!! It is sick how many pull us those guys do on the video.

Mr. Abakumoff said...

What I love in your blog is I constantly learn something new about sport in general, running techniques, running equipment and similar things!:)
Today I read about P90X program and I thought that I could try it out as well!
I am downloading the documentation and videos(yes, I am in RU and not going to purchase anything that can be downloaded!!) and will look at this program closer :)

Mr. Abakumoff said...

what is going on?? My prev. comment was deleted???

Mr. Abakumoff said...

it seems that my comments are not published:(

Anonymous said...

Great,...Now I have to try this too.

Die hard reader
Ricki HAHA

Chris Barber, said...

I've done P90X while still running too. I had great results and enjoyed the work outs. I found the chest and arm work outs to be the most beneficial since those are the areas that are neglected in my running routine. Keep trying the pull ups and after a few weeks don't be scared to try them without the chair. If you get tired of the structure of P90X and want to do some upper body weight training on your own then check out some tips from a blog post I wrote about it a while back: