Saturday, July 31, 2010

2010 Ohio State Fair... or should I say Ohio State Fail

Jennifer took the girls to the Ohio State Fair this week to see "Aunt Morgi" in her horse shows. Jennifer's sister is 14 and was showing her horse at the fair. She is VERY into her horses and actually walked away with a Grand Champion ribbon and trophy this year! Way to go Morgan!!

One thing that surprised me is that Jennifer said it was like a ghost town when she was there. I guess the midway was nothing but tumbleweeds and rides that weren't even running. Upon further explanation, it all made sense: the prices.

The state fair is supposed to be a place where anybody should be able to take their kids. Not just the wealthy, or even middle class people. But anybody including kids that don't have a whole lot. It's a time for the city to get together in the middle of summer and have fun. Unfortunately it has gotten so insanely expensive that people are probably staying away because they simply can't afford it.

For example, Jennifer withdrew $100 to go and she said it was gone in no time. Here are some of the prices that she was telling me about:
  • Admission: $10 adult / $8 kid
  • Parking: $5
  • Ice Cream: $3 / scoop
  • Small Drink: $3
  • Cheese on a Stick: $3.50
  • Caramel Apple: $5
  • Jumbo Drink: $13 / $6 refill!!
  • Sky Ride: $4 / person
  • Day Pass for Rides: $22
  • Cheeseburger: $too much
  • Etc..: $insane
I think it's safe to say that the fair has turned into a full blown money pit. It's a (damn) shame! How can they expect people to get excited about the State Fair if they can't even afford to go. I (for one) have no desire to go to the Ohio State Fair this year, or next year, or the year after... I'll wait for the Hartford Fair; prices are still high for the Hartford Fair, but not AS high.

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