Wednesday, June 03, 2009

To Bing or Not To Bing, that is my Google Search

I saw today where Microsoft is really pushing a new ad campaign for their new search engine name in hopes that it will be the next verb for searching. As it stands now, when I need to find something, I just "Google it". That seems to be the words I hear from others as well. Google has literally become the word to use when you need to find something.

Microsoft wants to get people using their service and have renamed their search to I visited it today and do like how they've mashed up their various services. For example, they're using maps as their interactive mapping surface. Not sure why they didn't stick with Perhaps is too abstract for the general public. Where as just doesn't make sense at all and makes people respect it more. After all, that is what we, the people, look for in a url isn't it? Amazon, Ebay, Google, Yahoo, Twitter, and so on... Before the internet, these words meant very little. Is Bing going to be the new everyday zany word for searching content on the internet? I'm gonna give it an honest try for a week and see if I like it.You should too.

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