Friday, June 26, 2009

Buckeye Outdoors Plugin Update

If you are a user of, then you should know that there is a new update to the SportTracks Plugin. Ben and I met last night and fixed many of the problems that have been reported by users over the last couple of months.

Last night's fixes include the following:

Timeout Issue is Fixed
There were many cases where a user would try to sync a workout and the program would throw an exception that says it timed out. This was fixed.

Invalid Category is more forgiving now
We had a slew of users reporting errors to the list that said the category was Invalid. You would get this error when you would use a category that was not recognized by For example, if you had a category inside SportTracks labeled "Hiking"; this is not a valid category on BuckeyeOutdoors and would throw an error.

When this would happen, it would throw a very unforgiving error that would stop the entire sync process and force you to fix it before moving on. Now, you simply get a red X with an error message, but the sync will still continue to process the other workouts.

Start Date Configuration
There were problems displaying the correct StartDate configured by the plugin. While the underlying value may have been set correctly, the display would always show a different date. This issue is now fixed, and the display will always show the correct StartDate that you configured using the plugin settings page.

Overall Plugin Refactor
It should also be known that I updated the underlying architecture of the plugin quite a bit to allow me to begin adding unit tests. For those that don't know what this means, it basically means that I'll be able to catch bugs in the plugin much sooner and much easier. :)

To get the latest version of the plugin, read this post on the forums. Or you can simply watch this video tutorial: BuckeyeOutdoors Plugin Walkthrough

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Tim Hibbard said...

Cool. Looking for to checking it out. Yay for easier unit testing!