Saturday, May 17, 2008

Workouts and Running Posts

Up until now, I've never really posted on my workouts and various runs I put in. I've been running for over a year now and only have a handful of posts about running. Most of them are of my different race reports, but nothing on the actual training that went into them.

The last time I went to Mohican, I asked my running buddy, Rob to help me with a training plan for my upcoming marathon and he said he would try to help me out. For all of my races last year, and even my race 2 weeks ago, I've been using training plans. The biggest problem that I found with their plans is that I was only running 3 days a week and doing 4 days a week of cross training. In all honesty, I would rather be running more than just 3 out of 7 days; especially when training for a race that is all about... running.

The new plan is to do 5 runs a week and continue to do cross training on my days off. This already sounds better to me. Of course, the 5 runs are much shorter (so far) and I think it's something I will definitely be able to stick with. I've always hated my "off days", and now I'll only have 2 of them per week. :)

So prepare to see more posts from me on how my training is going. The knee is healed, the spirits are high, the bad habits are gone, the wife is behind me, and I'm so serious about crossing the finish line of the Grand Island Trail Marathon in a respectable time. I now have a plan, and I'm confident it will work for me. Thanks Rob! I look forward to the weeks ahead. Ok, gotta get ready for my 6 miler tomorrow. :)


Running 2 Mohican said...

That is a great post. Keep your log on Buckeye still!

Jamie Anderson said...

Cool deal. FWIW, I've found posting about every run I do and jotting down notes has been very beneficial, mostly as I can look back and analyze how I'm doing. That could be done offline, but it's fun opening it up to whoever cares to read it. Looking forward to reading about your progress. Kick some arse!

Luc said...

Rob - I'm all over it! :)

Jamie - I took your advice and I'm using SportTracks. Once I got into, I realized it was written in .NET (a programming language) and allows for plugins. I'm working on a plugin now that integrates with Thanks for the tip!