Monday, May 26, 2008

Great Week of Training

I had a great week of training this week. I'm really loving this 5 days of running and two days off. Yesterday was my most productive day of training yet in every way. Each day I did some core work and I can feel the weight coming off pound by pound. I feel stronger everyday and I'm hoping I can keep this up 'til late July.

Monday was my victory run. We released Data Dynamics Analysis at work and I just ran on the treadmill and thought about what was next in line. More samples, more features, more exposure, more, more, more.

Tuesday of course was my trail run with Jazzy and I loved it so much that I've decided I'll be inviting my girls on a run with me (at least) once a week. Lizzie still has yet to come with me, so that will be fun too. :)

Wednesday I took a 6.5 mile run through the west end of Newark in the evening and really loved the whole "sunset theme" of that run. It was one of those runs where it felt good to be outside on a beautiful night. I could have kept going, but my training plan said 6 and I accidently put in a little over 1/2 mile of "junk mileage".

Thursday was my day off, and I just kicked it around the yard with my girls.

Friday was a good (but very late) run for me. I didn't get a minute to do my run until about 11:30 pm, so I hopped on the treadmill before going to bed. I had just worked up my sweat and was really getting into my run when the 3 mile marker hit and I had to stop. Good strong run!

Saturday was my day off, but we took the kids to the Ice Cream Festival and had a blast. All the calories I burned throughout the week were totally replenished in this one day. After the festival I did lots of yard work, so I guess that has to count for something. ;)

Sunday was my long run. I spent all day working outside weed-eating and doing yard work. My parents and my sister came over and we all hung outside playing kickball. It was my Dad and Jennifer against me, Lizzie, and Jazzy. We won (of course). When they all left, I did a lot of yard work and stacked firewood on the back hill. By the time 9pm came around I was already worn out. I considered putting off my run until Monday, but I have a quote embedded in my brain now that my buddy Rob gave me: "A lost day of training is never made up". So around 9pm, Jen was getting the girls in the tub and ready for bed so I put my running shoes on and grabbed my reflective gear, my head lamp and my water bottles and headed out the door. When I run at night outdoors, I always go to the west end of newark and park at either Tyler's house, or at the YMCA parking lot. I couldn't get a hold of Tyler, so I parked at the YMCA. The run took me 2 hours, but I felt great afterwards and was happy I forced myself to go do it. 

Again, great week of training.

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Running 2 Mohican said...

That is the way to do it! Keep it up and think of the goal you have when it is hard to be motivated.