Monday, June 18, 2007

NPR : Nigerian Artist is a One-Man Body Beating Band

I'm an avid NPR podcast listener. Today they had a story about a One-Man Body Beating Band (~4 minutes). It was about a Nigerian Artist named Jojo Bodybeats who just makes funky beats all day long with his hands, mouth, feet, chest, throat, etc... Here is his website:

WoW!... and I thought I had rhythm.

I beat-box all day, everyday so I could really relate to this guy. I'm not as crazy about it as he is (sneezing to a beat, coughing to a beat, etc...), but I'm always finding myself tapping on stuff and beat-boxing as I walk around the house. I have cooler beats come from my mouth than I do my hands and feet, but I can do some pretty cool things just from being a drummer for so many years. Jennifer has actually started to get some pretty funky rhythms herself, and I (honestly) take all the credit for them. :) She has to listen to me everyday and I can tell that, over the years, she has begun doing it as well. She'll be picking up the kids stuff and she'll break out some funky lisps with her mouth.

Lizzie and Jazzy are always asking me:
Daddy, how you do dat?
My response is usually:
...they always buy it and just say:

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