Saturday, June 30, 2007

More Kid Talk...

Jennifer and I took the whole family to Toys R Us last night so that Jazzy could register stuff for her burpday poppy. Toys R Us has this cool feature that allowed us to walk around the store and scan all the items that Jazzy wanted for her birthday. Everytime we got to something cool (usually Barbie Faritopia stuff), Jazzy would say "Mommy, scram this". Where Scram = Scan.

Another good one sticks out in my mind too. The other day Lizzie and Jazzy were running around the house yelling "Pour the grass and the dirt and the gravel on me!" I asked them what they were talking about and asked why they were yelling that. They said it was a song. After I put it all together, I realized what they were trying to say
Where the (aka: Pour the) grass and the dirt and the gravel all meet (aka: on me). -- Keith Urban (Where the Blacktop Ends).

This is very reminiscent of the "cheese and 4-wheel drive" song.

Some others include:
  • B'guk - Eww, these fries are b'guk.
  • Blowy - Daddy, these glasses are all blowy.
  • Cryons - Lizzie won't share her cryons with me.
  • Guh-guh-papaw - Lizzie used to call Grandpa Hardbarger guh-guh-papaw when she was just learning how to talk. We still use it. :)
  • Hulip - I can't wait to wear my hulip skirt at my hulip party.
  • Jah - Look, it's a "jah" for "Jazzy".
  • Jumpolene - We just love our big jumpolene.
  • Maskez - Look at these pony's wearing their pretty maskez.
  • Memmems - Daddy, can you open this bag of memmems?
  • Nummy - Mmm, these cookies are nummy.
  • Pawn Trees - Mommy, can we get some pawn trees for my hulip party?
  • Perfect for Mando - aka: Perfectamundo
  • Queeze - Mommy, I can barely queeze into these pants.
  • More...
The last thing I'm gonna say in this post is this (I keep updating it compulsively as funny things happen)... The other day Lizzie and Jazzy were playing in the basement near my desk and Jazzy came over to my desk and started studdering and catching her breath trying to tell me this huuuuge story. Finally she took a deep breath and said "...oh whatever it is I'm trying to say!" and ran away from the desk to go play with Lizzie some more. I lost it! Three year olds aren't supposed to get this flustered and give up that easily with slap-stick sarcasm. It could be a case where you had to be there, but it still cracks me up whenever I think about it. :)

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