Saturday, March 24, 2007

A Rather Sloppy "Getaway"

Jennifer and I saw a hit and run tonight. It was a silly teenage fender bender, but it was a hit and run none-the-less. We stopped to get gas at a local gas station around 11:30 tonight and there were all kinds of loud teenagers hanging out by their cars just "being teenagers". Anyway, they all started driving out of the gas station parking lot and it looked like some of them were pretty drunk. They were all talking to each other through their windows as they were driving and were crowding out of the parking lot all at once, no order at all.

All of the sudden we heard this loud HOOONK, then as we looked up we saw a pick up truck back into the front of a moving mini van. The mini van had some older fellow driving with (what appeared to be) his son in the passenger seat. The pick up truck had two hillbilly teenagers in it that looked as though they were "up to no good". Once the crash was realized by the kids in the truck, the driver of pick up truck threw his truck into drive and hit the gas with everything he had. Keep in mind that it has been raining all day, so he went no where fast. He pealed out for about 5 seconds and was all over the place; his truck jumped up the grass and he pealed out into the street without even looking. Granted it was late and we live in the country so there were not many people out and about. Bottom line is that it was the sloppiest hit and run get-away I've ever seen. :)

The funniest part of the whole thing is that Jennifer and I looked at each other and cracked up. :) I don't know what got into us; we should have felt bad for the older guys in the mini van. We should have tried to yell at the kids in the pick up truck as they spun their tires around in place; but we just watched it all unfold in slow motion and laughed hysterically for a while instead. The reaction is probably due to our deep appreciation of Jerry and Elaine humor. :)

Eh, whatever, I thought this was worth sharing...

Update: March 28th, 2007
I realized that I needed to update this post to indicate that nobody was hurt. It was merely a minor "fender bender". :)

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