Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Hiking the Appalacian Trail

Wow... I was watching public broadcasting station again tonight (I know, I should stop what I'm doing and send them money to "show my support"). Anyway, tonights program was about hiking the Appalachian Trail. A group of hikers gather up around March - April in Georgia and begin walking through the Appalachian Mountains, across 14 states, all the way up to Maine. The hike is 2,175 miles long and it takes about 6 months to do.

I called my buddy Tyler and told him that when we're ready for our mid-life crisis', that is what we're gonna do. Jen didn't seem to care, she just made a "valley girl" face and said "keu-oooool". :) Something did weird me out though... the half way point was 1087 mile marker. My house number is 1087. It's a sign... I gott a do it now. :)

People from all walks of life do it every year. It really did look like a lot of fun, except for the whole "nasty feet' issues along the way. One thing I noticed throughout the whole show was that after 2 or 3 months, they all looked like every other hippy I've seen at all those various Ekoostic Hookah shows. They all had "trail names" that they went by too (just like at the shows) and some were pretty funny: Loony, Blaze, Nothing Special, Morph, Stride, and one guys' trail name was... Jason.


Jason Follas said...

Count me in, man... We should be hitting mid-life crisis about the same time... I've thru-hiked the Smoky Mountain portion of the AT, but would love to do the whole thing... (The wife and kids may take issue with that, though ;-)

Luc said...

Liz just informed me that her cousin and her husband (her cousin's husband, not Liz's husband) actually hiked the trail last year. The cool thing is that they kept a daily journal of their hike. :) Thanks Liz!!