Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Running with Dean Karnazes

I saw on Regis and Kelly this morning (no... Jen was watching it, not me) that Dean Karnazes is going to be doing a Run Across America, starting this Friday. He starts his journey in Disneyland and will be running through Ohio in mid-April. I'm going to find out the closest 5K event that he has around here and will run it with him. He's coming through Granville, so hopefully there will be one near there...(?)

I've read 2 of his books and watched the "50 Marathons in 50 Days" movie. Dean is a great guy (no matter what some ultra runners may think of him). He is out there trying to get people excited about getting healthy and he makes money doing what he loves; running. It will be great to just run a few miles with him, even if I don't get to talk to him. Plus, the money goes to a good cause to help childhood obesity, so I may recruit some of my friends to run with me too. :)

Here is his journey:

Anyway, if you've never read a Dean Karnazes book, I encourage that you do so. Even if you are not a runner, or have no desire to run, his books are very easy to read and will give you a whole new outlook on ultra athletes. He's an inspiration to all of us mere mortals. :) Sure, there are other athletes that are just as extreme in some regard, but Dean is the one that is pushing it to the kids and mass media so that people get excited about it. If you've never ran or don't know why people run, read a Dean Karnazes book. He describes the passion perfectly in Ultra Marathon Man: Confessions of an All-Night Runner. I read this book in 3 short nights and it changed my outlook on long distance running.

His book is what sealed the deal for me to sign up for my first marathon 3 years ago. Definitely an inspiration!

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Jamie Farley said...

I read ultramarathon man in just a few days. It definitely got me pumped for running. Dean is a machine. Just read 50 / 50 in two days on vacation last week.