Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Luxury for a Princess

Sorry Mother Nature, but we bought an SUV this weekend.

Jennifer and I paid off our Honda Odyssey last year. Rather than putting a little more money into it and driving the wheels off of it, we decided to just get a whole new vehicle all together and start from scratch.

We retired the minivan because we really needed something that was made to pull a popup camper. We've used our Odyssey to pull our camper all over (Georgia, Tennessee, Michigan, South Carolina, Ohio, :P, etc..). The bottom line is that they just weren't made to do this, and it was only a matter of time before our transmission blew up on us.

We test drove a couple of fun vehicles, including a Chevy Avalanche, a Ford F150, and looked at some other vehicles, but settled on a 2003 Ford Expedition. Jennifer found it on the internet and just had to have it:

It's an Eddie Bauer Edition, which means it has heated leather seats, a moon roof, 3rd row seating, a 6 disk CD changer, heated leather seats, a tow package, running boards, a utility rack, and heated leather seats. The kids like it because it has rear controls for the radio and air. Best yet, almost everything can be managed from the collage of buttons on the steering wheel (volume, radio stations, cabin temperature, fan speed, etc..). I'm sure a lot of this is standard with most of todays model vehicles, but it's the nicest thing we've ever owned.

Next stop: Maine!

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Kim said...

Oooo la la!! Nice!!