Sunday, January 03, 2010

Another Great Year Behind Us

Hope everybody had a great 2009. We did!

Not too much happened in 2009 that was ground breaking for us. We got a new dog. Got a new popup camper. Sold the truck. Paid off the van. Paid off the car. Girls are each a year older. Jen and I are each a year older. I ran some races. Visited France and Romania. Wrote some killer code in my basement. My sister had a baby. I lost some weight. I gained some weight. We lost some money. We earned some money. That's pretty much it... We had a good year.

My goals for this year is to blog more. Limit my Facebook usage to a minimum, since it's a total time-suck when I'm on my computer; sorry to all my Facebook friends. I am also shooting for a sub-4 hour marathon this year. In order to do this, I'm gonna have to train smarter and eat smarter. My fastest marathon was 4:27 and I was in pretty decent running shape at the time. I've already started my training regiment and diet (somewhat). I'm eating every 2 hours no matter what and I'm not stuffing myself anymore. I'm also trying to run more tempo runs rather than just "slow and easy" like I did last year. I'm down 7 lbs since the week before Christmas (not bad), but I need to lose another 20 lbs or so more before I can attack a sub 4 hr marathon.

Oh yeah!! Jen and I are taking the girls to Maine this summer on a 2 week camping trip. We've already starting to save for it, and we're all VERY excited about it. I've always wanted to go to Maine, and we're finally going to do it.

Anyway, like I said, I'm hoping to get back into blogging more regularly. These last two months have been pretty chaotic with work and everything else, so I've not put too much effort or stress into posting my thoughts, since they're mostly around what I need to do to be productive and blogging doesn't fall in that category. :)

Here's to 2010!

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