Thursday, November 19, 2009

Busy Times

Have you ever been so busy that you just have to shut off all non-productive outlets... I am.

I haven't checked my blog roll in over a month. I've only written one blog entry, and I even had to force myself to do that. I just upload a month's worth of workouts, and pummeled my twitter followers with status updates. Last night I sat around with Jennifer and watched a quick 30 minute show about OSU vs. Michigan. The entire time I was watching it, I felt like I should have been working and I just wanted to get back to it. I've stood up some of my friends with plans that we'd made due to my busy schedule as well. I'm actually very anxious to be un-busy at the end of this year. I think I'll even take a short vacation and just stare at a wall for a few days to relax.

All of this coding has given me a bionic pinky finger. As a programmer and a ReSharper user, I find that my left pinky finger gets used A LOT with all of the [Shift] key combination's and [CTRL] key combination's.

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