Thursday, August 27, 2009

Morning Runs

I love 'em. I used to never run in the morning because I was usually up too late the night before or had to start work immediately so as not to throw off my day. The later I start my job, the later I get done. Therefore, when I would wake up, I tried to use every possible minute hacking away.

It took me a while to really appreciate the power of morning runs. However, once I started getting into the routine I realized that it's the only way to start the day. The best part about an early morning run around here is that the trails I run in the morning are always empty. It's a 95% guarantee that I'm the only one on the trail anytime before 10am.

Wednesday, I didn't wake up early and I didn't do my run before I started my day. It was obvious too because I was just wasting time all morning and it felt like even though I stayed busy doing things here and there, I didn't get a single thing accomplished. Once I got out and got my body moving I felt 10x better and came home with a head full of things I had to do.

I think it's confirmed that I'm now a morning runner...

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