Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Spring has sprung and the yard has been in shambles. Our yard seriously looked like a jungle until this past weekend. I got home from a week of traveling to an Amazon Rain Forest around my house. We had limbs hanging down to the ground. We had snakes in our grass, and our pets were covered in ticks. It's sad to admit it actually, but it was all true. It was too a point that the only mower that could make a dent in our yard was the bush hog. I hooked it up and went to town. It even bogged down a couple of times. :( I mowed as much as I could on Saturday and then saved the rest for the finish mower. It was so bad that we could have (honestly) bailed up our yard into square bails.

Anyway, I just got my finish mower back from "the shop" and it's as good as new again. I'm anxious to get back out there and work on the yard like a real yuppy American. It is so bad around here that when I went looking for my weed eater, I found it face down in a bucket of old car oil. :( Jennifer and I realized that we were made for each other. We are both so care free about everything until something needs done, then we stress out trying to figure out "why us".

To bring it all into perspective, we have a Ford Ranger with busted tie rods and a flat tire. We have a trailer with expired tags. We have a Honda Odyssey with no back windshield wiper and a busted door. I have a Honda Accord with a dinged up hood and all my "check engine" lights are on. I could go on, but I think I've made my point. Life here at the Hardbarger house is simply one crisis to the next. Whatever, I love it! Now it's time to go downstairs and get to work. Tomorrow is a new day and I'm gonna get that finish mower moving over the property.

If you've noticed that I haven't blogged in a while, it's because I've been busy. I haven't blogged or twittered in a while actually. Don't ask me about my training either; it's on the upswing this week too...


Mark Carroll said...

Hey Luc
I hope you and Kim had a good run today! I love Salt Fork. I gotta get back there soon. I updated that Blog I started and mentioned you in the first post. I also put a link to this page. I hope thats OK...if not let me know. I hope to see you at the training weekend next week. I'll be there Saturday. Peace. --Mark

Running 2 Mohican said...

Luc, I have a solution for your mowing! Goats and a Fence! No mowing and the lawn will look great!