Wednesday, October 29, 2008

iGoogle Now

Wow, I've not looked at my personalized Google page in a long time. Today I was directed there when I tried to find out how to translate french to english. In my search results I saw a link to add a translating tool to my Google home page, and this lead me down a series of clicks that brought me to my updated Google home page. Wow! Totally different from what I remember.

Stop: Go there now:

I really like how they've added the expandable tabs on the left of page. This helps them layout the information very elegantly on the main content area, while keeping the left side as the navigational area. I can hide or show the subcategories as I wish, and showing them let's me scan them very easily and painless.

For example, I have 3 groups:
  • Home
  • Quantum
  • Fun
Note: The fact that Quantum is in this list tells me how long it's been since I've used my personalized Google home page.

Below each group is a list of sub categories. For example, under 'Home' there are all of my various Google services: Blog Reader, Gmail, Calendar, News, Maps, Weather, Notebook, and so on.

Under Quantum, the subcategories are nothing more than daily RSS feeds from various Scientific news sources.

Under Fun, I have local movie times, various bookmarks, TV program schedule, Word of the day, etc...

I could see me adding a lot more categories to this when I find some time. One idea is to add various groups like
  • .NET Programming
  • Application Design
  • Trail Running
  • Hiking
  • Product Searches
Anyway, if you haven't checked out the latest user interface on the Your Personalized Google Page, you should definitely check it out and try to use it.

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Dan Seifring aka "OBRATS" said...

Love my igoogle. I use 3 computers during the day and it is great knowing everyting is where I want it just by going to igoogle.